The Approach
Campaign planning is a process of multistep decisions involved in delivering the campaign objectives to the right target group of people.
Adaxx defines it as “the process of delivering the advertising message or achieving the advertising goal by reaching out to the target audience by using the appropriate channel at the proper time and place.
Whom to reach: We focus on "Whom does advertiser wants to reach?". The team Adaxx works on identifying the right target audience which could result in to potential customers.
When to reach: Identification of right time when we can catch maximum attention from the target group.

What: Creating right type of message that should be communicated. Defining the nature of message wether it's informative or demonstrative.
Which mode: We identify and create a suitable media-mix and then suggest the mode of communication which is to be used for communicating with the target audience.
Where to hit: Adaxx precisely defines the geographies as per advertiser's campaign objective to reach potential customers.

Platforms we work with
Platforms we work with
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