Mobile Performance
mobile performance
The market for mobile apps is fully developed. Every category is very competitive, and success needs more than just a useful, user-friendly app. You require downloads, to put it simply. It takes both organic and paid promotion techniques to get those. So, how can you start a fruitful app install ad campaign? Let’s find out.
mobile performance
Mobile Performance
An App Install Campaign: What Is It?
Let’s begin by going through the fundamentals. Campaigns to install apps are centred on user acquisition (UA) and involve any tactics that result in a lot of downloads quickly. These efforts also aid in organic downloads in addition to the instals from paid approaches.
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The App Growth Story
Once successful, it goes for “organic uplift”
As more users download your software, its rating climbs in the app stores. As a result, more people know about your app. After spending money on paid advertising, this leads to a rise in free traffic and downloads, or “organic uplift.”
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What Adaxx can do for you
Here is the step by step guide to set up your mobile app install campaign strategy
Determine Your Budget and Install Target Number

Setting a defined objective for the number of instals you want is necessary when determining your spending for an app install campaign. This will be quantified using a CPI (cost per install model). Numerous variables, such as the ad position, platform, and app category, will affect your CPI.

Select a Platform

Choosing a platform for your adverts is the following step. Where can I see app ads? Almost everything holds the solution. Ads can be displayed on desktop, Android, iOS, and mobile websites. All of these choices can be included in a single network.

Establish Attribution

It could be difficult to pinpoint app install attribution while performing install campaigns. To determine how well the campaign is performing, you must measure and track it. The Apple App Store and Google Play have distinct attribution policies.

Working with a mobile app marketing partner who can properly set up campaigns to incorporate attribution and offer you reports with up-to-date information is the best course of action.

Find and Target a Specific and Similar Audience

Depending on the sort of app install ad, your ideal target audience may be small or large. In choosing a platform, you’ve already made certain choices regarding the target audience. It’s time to get into further detail now.

You probably already have a portion of users who are familiar with your app and may have interacted with you in the past. So make this group your initial goal. Then, to create those lookalike audiences, consider the traits of this likely installer.

Create the Ad Creative

Your app ad install campaign needs creative. You’ll need several kinds, depending on the inventory and platforms you choose. These advertisements must feature pertinent, powerful images and calls to action (CTAs).

Launch, Analyze, and Fine-Tune

You can now start running your mobile app install advertising! You should be able to direct the proper traffic to your app if you completed the work in the preceding phases. It’s not the end of the path, though. Data will be fed to you from your mobile app marketing partner’s analysis of the outcomes. You will often find insights that point to refinement, such as the most effective CTAs or graphics.

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Here are some guidelines for creating effective app install ads:

Make a statement with your picture by being audacious and distinctive. Consumers see a tonne of advertisements every day, so you need to stand out to get their attention.

Use visuals to highlight the advantages of your app: What convenience does it provide? In what ways will consumers engage with it? Give examples by responding to these queries.

Think of problem-solution writing. Copy that outlines a problem before presenting a solution typically has higher engagement. You include the user in the conversation, particularly if they are experiencing that issue.

Optimize for small screens: Regardless of the channel, the majority of your ads will appear on mobile devices. You must therefore be able to see them from this angle.

Keep graphics simple and colour schemes consistent. Ads will frequently be little, so don’t make them too busy. Better is simple.

Make sure the quality is high: A pixelated, badly constructed advertisement won’t impress anyone.

Adaxx Media App Install Ad Campaigns

You will receive assistance at each stage from our team of mobile app promotion specialists. We provide knowledge, a diversified media buying, and exclusive non incentive clean traffic. To start your first or future install ad campaign, get in touch with us.

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