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Reddit Advertising
Have you heard about a different way to reach out to your right audience? Do you know about Reddit? Have you thought about using Reddit ads for advertising? Don’t know right people who can help you to get started?
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Reddit Advertising
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Reddit is a user generated content platform with a huge 52 million daily active users worldwide is certainly not here to get ignored when marketing plans for any business are getting made.
Reddit is unique in a way that people use it to discuss specific topics, share contents and engage with huge communities. Like Quora, Reddit users can also upvote or downvote the posts which controls the reddit algorithm to push the interesting content on top of other posts.
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Brand Growth
If marketers use Reddit the right way, it can certainly means to increase the brand exposure for any business.
Advertising on reddit is through its self serve ads manager which is available to the marketers directly or through Reddit Ad Expert Agencies.
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Various Buying Models On Reddit
Adaxx have a team of expert media buyers who can help brands running successful Reddit campaigns. We plan, execute and deliver campaigns on various buying models available with Reddit.

Brand Awareness and Reach : To increase awareness of the brand or product. Pay for: CPM.

Traffic : To drive traffic to a specific page on the website such as the home page, blog post, or another landing page. Pay for: CPC.

Conversions : If the goal is to drive valuable actions on the website, this objective is best. Looking to generate email sign-ups or sales. Pay for: CPC.

Video Views : To get more views on the video, run an ad that puts it front and center. Pay for: CPV.

App Installs : If goal is to drive more installs for any mobile app, this option is perfect. Pay for: CPC.